Bere Road Guest House


Bere Road Guest House was originally a float house that was moored in Port Mc Neill
and owned by Pinky and Helen Wooldridge. When they retired, the house was towed to Sointula and dragged up the beach and onto the land where it sits today. After they passed on in the 1970’s, the house was used as a permanent rental property by the family for
two decades.

The house underwent extensive renovations in 1999 and became a rental cottage in 2001.
It was given a cement foundation, new roof, walls were moved, an entryway, laundry room and back porch were added, drywall was installed as was new flooring, paint, kitchen and bath fixtures and a deck. The float logs it used to rest on were milled up and re-purposed into new siding. It might have been cheaper simply to build a new house, however since it had been in the family for generations, the money was spent and the house saved.


Bere Road Guest House currently offers three bedrooms, one bathroom, a full kitchen, onsite laundry, BBQ, satellite TV, wraparound deck and stunning ocean views in a quiet, serene setting. It’s located at the end of a private lane way, has ample parking and a large yard for kids to run and play in.

The house is located 1/2 block from the beach, a 10 minute walk from the Marina and is
the nearest rental accommodation to Bere Point Regional Park.


Humble Beginnings...